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Donate to the cause!

Where does your money go when you donate to us?

       Veterinary care for our animals. This includes vaccinations, sterilization, flea and tick prevention, antibiotics for infections, FeLV testing, and more. 

       FOOD! We go through a ridiculous amount of dry and canned food in our foster homes. You'd be shocked at how

much tiny kittens can eat!

       Administration expenses can add up quickly. Your donations help us cover everything from website fees to printer ink for adoption flyers to equipment for TNR.

If you'd prefer to donate supplies directly, you can head over to our Amazon wish list link to send food, toys, litter, and more to the cats and kittens in our care! We also love receiving donations through our partner, Pet Supplies Plus, because we can pick them up locally. Click the dropdown above for more information on how you can make that happen!


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