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Group: Return of the M.A.C.K.
Birth Date: 08/24/20


Yearbook Superlative: Most Likely to Be a Diva

Meet Kira! She's an adorable white and gray tabby bicolor with a stripe down her nose. She was taken in when she was very pregnant and gave birth to 3 cute kittens after only a few days. Although she grew up in a feral cat colony, she quickly decided that she preferred the indoor life and adapted to people well. Now that she's done raising her kids, she's ready for a posh life of her own!

The ideal home for Kira would have lots of space for her to play and sunbathe in, and people to give her pets when it's time for attention. She has a bit of an independent streak, but she does love her people and is an affectionate kitty. She does well with other animals if given the time to adapt and she would also do well being adopted with Chester, her (now grown) kitten.

Apply to adopt Kyra here:

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